Georgia Tech Approved Caterers

Georgia Tech Catering, the on-campus provider, serves as the approved primary catering service for the campus. In cases when alternatives are required to meet budget, service or timing needs, secondary catering services are available.

Please see the Campus Catering Providers Policy10.4.13.docx


For catering purchases under $200, any licensed food service provider may be used (including the caterers listed below - or other providers at the choice of the event sponsor - subject to Building Manager approval).

For all catering purchases over $200, for events on Georgia Tech property, only the approved, licensed caterers under contract with Georgia Tech listed below may be used. 


Georgia Tech Dining is the exclusive caterer for events held in the Student Center.

 Please contact: Georgia Tech Events Planning Office 404-894-1542


Tammie Boyce 404-894-9559.

Please see the Georgia Institute of Technology - Catering Providers Policy.

Secondary Catering Services Phone
Bold American Catering, Michelle Michelman 678.302.3234
Carlyle's, Sarah Boyd 404.694.9529
Proof of the Pudding, Barbara Yontz 404.892.2359
Rising Roll Gourmet, Alice Barnebee 678.516.7454
Time to Dine, Michelle Heusner-Wilkinson 770.384.1904
Highland Bakery, Scott Lopez 404.586.0772
Technology Square Restaurants Phone
Barrelhouse Tavern, Tara Christenson 404.723.7011

Chuck's Famous , Doug Cleary
Also authorized to obtain ethnic foods from restaurants to meet unique cultural needs on campus

Ray's Pizza/ Cedar's , Jennifer Cross 404.888.9911
Tin Drum, Vance Walker 404.845.9898

Waffle House, Marta Church


Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center - Limited to Technology Square venues only

Engine Room/ International Street, Ron Shuffler   



Caterers are not generally added to the list except at the end of the 5-year contract cycle. Secondary caterers are pre-selected through a Request for Proposal process approximately every five years. Catering providers are limited in order to insure safe, high-quality products and services are available for a wide variety of campus needs.

Please see the Campus Catering Providers Policy10.4.13.docx

Catering Services - Point of Contact:
Bob Junko, Student Center Associate Director, Business, 404.385.6616,