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​Art Activities​​​​

Photo Collage: Available art activities
Give your left brain a break and explore your creative side!​
We are a nonprofit, student-run facility. Come and escape the everyday stressful atmosphere of class and work! From pottery to photography, we offer a wide variety of activities to enjoy.​


Photo: Student works with pottery wheelPaper & Clay features six pottery wheels for instruction and practice in the art of wheel-thrown pottery. Potters can make bowls, plates, vases, etc. using our materials and supplies. We sell a variety of clay bodies to meet the skill level of beginning and advanced potters.

Purchasing a bag of clay provides potters access to our clay extruder, giffin grip, tools, supplies and a wide selection of glazes. All firing and glazing is FREE for students, faculty and staff!​ 

Clay Types | Buncombe White, Little Loafers, Speckled Brownstone, Riverside Grit, Loafers Glory, Raku Clay, Moon White, Chocolate Brown, & Hazelnut Brown

| $15/25lb bag of clay
                $20/2lb bag of porcelain
                Firing and glazing is FREE for students, staff, and faculty!

Kiln Firing Schedule | Please be aware if the following Kiln Firing Schedule during the academic school year:

          Cone 05 & 06 Firings | Tuesday, Friday, Sunday
          Bisque Firings | Monday & Thursday

          High Firings | Wednesday & Saturday

Kiln Firing will be less frequent in the summer. See our staff fore more details.

UPCOMING POTTERY CLASSES |  Summer and Fall 2016

We are currently working on scheduling our Summer and Fall Pottery Classes. Check back for more information soon!

Pottery classes are $20 for GT staff, students, and faculty and $30 for those not affiliated with Georgia Tech.
Email us at to reserve your spot in a class today!


Want to make pottery but don’t know how to use the wheel yet? We have two great options for you! Our ceramics area is one of the most versatile components of Paper & Clay. Just purchase the pre-made ceramic or slip. Glazing and firing is FREE!!!

Photo: Ceramic objects for glazing

​Prefired Ceramics | $.50-$10.00

We have a wide selection of unfinished pottery pieces. Stop in and personalize your own piece using glazes that we provide!

Ceramic Molds | $4/gallon of slip

Paper & Clay has a large number of molds to create your own pottery. Just pour the slip into the mold and let it dry. Then fire it in our kilns and glaze!​ 

Please also read our FIRING & GLAZING POLICIES below.​

firing icon.JPG


hoto: Glazed items displayKiln Firing Schedule | Please be aware if the following Kiln Firing Schedule:

          Cone 05 & 06 Firings | Tuesday, Friday, Sunday
          Bisque Firings | Monday & Thursday
          High Firings | Wednesday & Saturday

Glazing PoliciesPaper & Clay will not fire pieces with glazed bottoms.  You may glaze all the way to the bottom of your piece but not where the piece touches the table if it were standing. This goes for all glaze types and all things to be fired in the kiln. Special exceptions may be made in rare cases and must be authorized by an employee. 

We have noticed a large amount of over-glazing and want to inform everyone that the correct thickness of glaze on a piece would be about as thick as your fingernail. Cone 05 glazes can be mixed just like paint to get new colors; Cone 06 glazes can not. We try to keep our glazes at the appropriate consistency, so we ask all glazers to use the mini-palettes located by the sink and not pour the leftover glaze back into the glaze container.


Photo: Student prepares to create a stained glass item

Make beautiful stained glass pieces at Paper & Clay. It is an easy, fun, and expressive art form. Customers bring their own glass and supplies, and we provide all the tools needed to create a beautiful, finished piece!

Passes | Stained glass passes are required to use our tools and are FREE upon completion of a Paper & Clay stained glass workshop or class or a general stained glass knowledge test​


Learn the art of stained glass using the copper foil technique. Two three-hour sessions will teach you the basics of stained glass in this fast-paced class. You will learn how to cut, grind, foil, solder, and finish glass. At the end of the course, you will take home a beautiful piece of 7"X7" stained glass that could make a wonderful gift!

Materials and supplies will be provided. Beginner patterns will be handed out on the first day. Please note that you may need to work on your piece outside of the workshop time to complete it.

Our next class offering will be April 4th and April 11th from 6pm - 9pm. Classes are $60 for GT students, staff, and faculty. $70 for those not affiliated with Georgia Tech.
E-mail us at today to reserve your space!


Photo: Student works at sewing machine

Our sewing bar located within our inspiration lounge features sewing machines for your use free of charge! All that is required is that you pass our general sewing machine knowledge test or take a sewing workshop.

We only carry a very limited selection of fabric, so the best way to do a project with us is to come in with your fabric already bought.​

 |  Summer and Fall 2016

We are working on scheduling classes for the summer and fall semesters. Check back soon for more information!



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