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Study Hard, Play Harder!
With one of the only on-campus bowling alleys in the Southeast, Tech Rec is where GT students come to hangout with friends and have a little friendly competition. Tech Rec has eight bowling lanes, ten billiards tables, a video game lounge, darts, air hockey and foosball. The prices for each area are the cheapest in the Atlanta area with special discounts specifically for GT students!

Don't miss Karaoke Night at Tech Rec!

Flyer Karaoke Night at Tech Rec
Location: Tech Rec
Date: January 30, 10pm-12am
Fee: None!

It's time for another Karaoke Night in Tech Rec!  Come out and be ready to sing your version of today's hits and yesterday's favorites. This is a FREE event with giveaways for participants who show how they study hard, and SING HARDER!



Photo of Bowling

Where else can you have fun and get a little exercise rain or shine?  Whether you bring a group of friends or come for some solo bowling, you will be sure to have a good time.  Tech Rec includes eight bowling lanes with a high tech computer based scoring system.  Please make note that Tech Rec’s lanes do not include the ability to use bumpers.

We offer daily specials, make sure to check those out!​​​

Pricing: 11am-5pm |  $2.79 per game per person
5pm-Close | $3.38 per game per person 

Shoe Rental | $1.30 per person

Socks | $1.25 per pair​​


Photo of Billiards 

You too can be a pool shark in no time with a little practice in Tech Rec.  Tech Rec includes ten billiards tables with racks available for both regular play and nine ball tournament style play.  Your one hourly rate fee includes the use of our cue sticks, chalks and racks.  Don’t have time to play for the whole hour, no worries our rates are pro-rated per playing minute.​

We offer daily specials, make sure to check those out!​​​

Pricing: 11am-5pm |  $3.99 per hour
5pm-Close | $4.69 per hour ​​

Console Gaming

Photo of Kinnect 

You don’t have to go back to your residence hall to play video games with your friends; Tech Rec has a video game lounge area featuring 6 video game stations that include the ability to play X-Box, Wii, Playstation 3 and Kinnect.

Click here​ to see our current list of video games.  Don’t see a game on the list, you can bring your own game and just use one of our stations and/or controller.  Also let a Tech Rec staff member know of what game you would like for us to add to the collection and you may see us adding that option to our playlist.​

We offer daily specials, make sure to check those out!​​​

Pricing: |  $1.99 per hour per person (includes game, one controller, and gaming station)

Table Tennis

Photo of Table Tennis 

Whether you call it “table tennis” or “ping pong” Tech Rec has two tournament style table tennis tables for either the novice or the expert table tennis player.  You can play singles or doubles on our tables so bring some friends and come out for some competitive fun.

Pricing: 11am-5pm |  $2.00 per game (includes one set of paddles and a ball)

Air Hockey

Photo of Air Hockey 

Here in the South, it does not really get cold enough for ice hockey but Tech Rec carries the next best thing and it requires no ice skating skills! Our air hockey table is a great way to have fun and relieve a little stress! 

Pricing |  $.50 per play


Photo of Darts 

Tech Rec has two tournament style dart boards with a chalkboard ready for you if you want to keep score.  We can provide you with the darts for a small fee or you can bring your own set.

Pricing |  $1.00 per rental (includes one set of three darts)


Photo of Foosball 

In between classes take a break for a little competitive foosball.  Tech Rec has one table and play is free!

Pricing  |  FREE!​​

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Tech Rec accepts cash, BuzzCard, and Visa or MasterCard credit cards.


For those daily customers, purchase a frequent player card and save on your play time for the whole semester in Tech Rec!

Premium Bowling Card ($125): 
The Premium Bowling Card with a valid ID entitles the card holder to unlimited games of bowling during Tech Rec’s regular hours of operation.  The cards are subject to availability and may not be used during group rentals. Shoe rental is included. 

Premium Gaming Card ($90): 
The Premium Gaming Card with a valid ID entitles the card holder to unlimited gaming during Tech Rec’s regular hours of operation. The card includes the use of one gaming station and/or one game, one controller and one sensor bar (Wii only).  The cards are subject to availability and may not be used during group rentals.

Premium Billiards Card ($125): 
The Premium Billiards Card with a valid ID entitles the card holder to unlimited games of pool during Tech Rec’s regular hours of operation.  Maximum table limit is 3 hours per session.  If the card holder exceeds the 3 hour limit, regular hourly rental prices apply.  Limit one table per card holder.  

VIP Card ($175): The Tech Rec VIP card entitles the issued holder to all the benefits of the above listed bowling, pool, and gaming cards. The same restrictions apply and the card is non transferable.  

*Cardholder must participate in all games, card may not be used during group rentals or outside normal operating hours. Cards not valid with any other discount and no refunds available. Valid ID and Frequent Player Card must be present at all times of use. See card for expiration date.

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