The Campus Center Project

Take a Peek Inside the Student Center's Renovations!

GT-Rex is back from working remotely the past few months, and stopped by the Student Center construction site to see *how it's going*. Take a look as our construction mascot peeks inside the building's renovations and try out the functions of our future spaces. Please note that Paper & Clay and the ballroom have moved to other buildings! Paper & Clay will reopen in 2022 in the Pavilion. Find the Midtown ballroom now in the new Exhibition Hall!

The Campus Center project was in the works for many years before construction started. Learn about the project's history and what is coming up in our interactive timeline.

Phase I of the project focuses on the new facilities being built between the Student Center and Campus Recreation Center. Learn about these new buildings and the temporary functions they will serve during Phase II.




Phase II of the project includes the renovation of the original part of the Student Center building, a new three-story addition in place of the Stamps Commons, and upgrades to the Kessler Campanile and its surrounding plaza. Learn more about the future of the Student Center here.


As the Student Center prepares to shut down for renovation, our critical services will move to other parts of campus. Click here for details.

Connect with the Student Center Expansion Committee

The Student Center Expansion Committee (SCEC) is a student group that works to funnel the student voice and keep student needs in focus as the project progresses. If you would like to contact or connect with the SCEC, email Kristian Lockyear at

Read the latest updates from SCEC at the link below!

Live Construction Camera

Project Goals

We've surveyed hundreds of students, staff, faculty, and alumni to figure out what the new building should accomplish. We know our new Campus Center will be a place to:

  • Serve the Entire Georgia Tech Community
  • Reset, Restore, & Refuel
  • Showcase Georgia Tech's Accomplishments and be a Catalyst for Creative Expression
  • Foster Friendships and Bridge Across Disciplines, Cultures, and Interests
  • Promote Leadership and Involvement
  • Activate the Outdoors

Additional Project Information

A Look at the Campus Center Project