New Detour for Campus Center Construction

Beginning February 19, 2020, the campus community will see a temporary change to the fencing around Campus Center construction that will require a longer detour through the southwest sector. All pathways between the Instructional Center Lawn and the Smithgall Student Services Building will be temporarily closed as new sidewalks are constructed. This work is expected to be complete in mid-March, when permanent pedestrian sidewalks will be opened.

“The team consistently works to find efficient solutions that are as minimally impactful as possible,” says John DuConge, project manager with Georgia Tech Design & Construction, “As work begins on sidewalks and landscaping, implementing a longer diversion was the best choice to move things along quickly and safely.”

Due to this work, the temporary pathway that has been in use will no longer be accessible, and all pedestrian traffic will need to divert around the north side of the Boggs Chemistry Building and Ferst Center for the Arts, or along Ferst Drive to the south. Through traffic will be permitted to Boggs and the Laser Lab only.

Work on Phase I has progressed from exterior framing and finishes to focus on interior build out and landscaping between the buildings. The Phase I fencing is expected to move back before the end of the semester, restoring the pathway between the Smithgall Student Services Building and the ISYE Building. All Phase I construction should be substantially completed in May, allowing critical functions of the Student Center to move to their temporary locations in Phase I buildings before Phase II work on the Student Center begins.

Every effort is being taken to maintain the safety of the broader campus community and keep the project on schedule. More details on the Campus Center project can be found at

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