How often do we extend to others more grace, forgiveness, and acceptance than we give ourselves? This is one of the key concepts behind the body positivity movement, which promotes self-compassion and a healthy, balanced relationship with our whole selves.

Celebrities like Jameela Jamil, Laverne Cox, and many others have brought body positivity to the forefront of pop culture in recent years, but their message is more than just skin-deep. Body positivity is about more than accepting the skin you’re in — it’s about celebrating every part of yourself, including gender, size, color, shape, and everything in between.

Three departments, the Wellness Empowerment Center, Women’s Resource Center, and LGBTQIA Resource Center, from Student Engagement and Well-Being have partnered to host the 2nd annual Every-Body Pool Party as part of their mission to create a culture where positive body image, consistent eating, and self-care are the expected norms at Georgia Tech. The event will be held on Aug. 25 from 3-5 p.m. in the Campus Recreation Center Leisure Pool.

The Every-Body Pool Party is a collaboration between our offices because the vision for this event is size inclusivity, as well as celebrating body diversity across all genders,” said Miranda Garcia, Coordinator for the Women’s Resource Center.

All students are invited to attend the free event for fun activities, food, giveaways, and (of course) some pool time. Last year’s successful inaugural event included a photo booth, pool games, free T-shirts, and more. This year’s party is slated to be even bigger and better. In addition to a good time and some party vibes, the event is also intended to encourage a safe and inclusive environment for students who are part of marginalized groups or who feel they may not “fit in” with pool party or “beach body” culture.

“We’re hosting this event to provide a safe space for students who have been marginalized or who feel they may not have a place by the poolside or be able to wear a bathing suit in public,” William Britto, Assistant Director of the LGBTQIA Resource Center, said. “Our goal is to give everyone, but especially these students, a place where they can feel accepted and loved for who they are, inside and out.”

Raegan Perkins, a dietitian with the Wellness Empowerment Center, added that body positivity is about more than just size or weight. “Body positivity is about loving and celebrating all parts of yourself — not just your body shape. It includes all the things that make us unique but also reminds us that we’re all unified in our humanity.”

Students interested in attending the Every-Body Pool Party can RSVP through Engage. For safety reasons, all participants will be asked to sign a waiver prior to participating in the pool party.

Those who want to learn more about body positivity and its relationship to nutrition and eating habits can connect with the Wellness Empowerment Center by emailing Those who want to discuss issues surrounding body positivity and gender can reach out to the LGBTQIA Resource Center at