W02-Student Center Deck Gets New Entrance & Exit

W02-Student Center Deck Gets New Entrance & Exit

Construction for the W02 parking deck’s new entrance and exit is complete. The deck was reconfigured to accommodate the construction of the new Campus Center.

Starting tomorrow, Friday, May 10, 2019, please utilize a new entrance off Ferst Drive and the new exit, which will take you through the Area 2 visitors parking lot. The previous entrance and exit will be closed permanently. 

Please note the W02 deck will become a mixed-use parking area, facilitating both permitted and visitors’ vehicles. New parking access equipment has been installed to allow visitors access. This modification will replace the parking spaces lost due to the closure of W03 and the Area 3 visitor’s lot for the new Campus Center Phase I.

In addition, the electric vehicle chargers in the former parking lots Area 3 and W03 will be relocated elsewhere on campus.

Questions regarding the W02 construction may be directed to Glenn Kurtz at 404-385-7275.

For more information about the Campus Center construction, visit studentcenter.gatech.edu .

We understand that the construction may have been an inconvenience. We appreciate your patience, cooperation and continued support.

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  • W02-Student Center Deck New Entrance and Exit

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