Midtown V

Midtown V is the second-largest event space in the Exhibition Hall. At 1,381 Square Feet, it is slightly larger than the Piedmont Room (which is 1,360 Square Feet). Midtown V can be transformed to accommodate a variety of events. The space features a modern concrete floor, built-in projector/sound system, and a large garage door that can open to the outdoor covered porch. 


Level 1

1,381 Square Feet

Comparable in size to Piedmont Room (1,360 Square Feet)


Capacity by setup | 

Below are revised capacities that include the regular capacity pre COVID for each set up and how the capacity changes if participants are spaced out 6 or 12 feet. These layouts were created and guided by the CDC event recommendations, State of Georgia guidelines, and event planning recommendations from industry leaders. The capacities include ample space for furniture, A/V setups and for a presenter/speaker.

  Regular Capacity 6ft Distance Capacity 12ft Distance Capacity
Lecture 112 25 15
Banquet Rounds 90 36 16
Career Fair 23 10 9
Classroom n/a 12 6
Boardroom n/a 7 5
Open U n/a 8 6
Closed U n/a 10 7


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Pictures shown are renderings of the space. All finishes, including furniture and carpet, are not representative of the final product. Please note that these capacities vary based on special requests, including staging and other equipment. Our Event Services Team is happy to discuss setups other than what is listed here.


Contact Event Services

For more information on room setup options, reservations, and other services, please contact our Event Services Team at screservations@mail.gatech.edu or at 404-894-2805.