Insiders Club


You ever wish you didn't have to deal with all the clutter of Facebook events or e-mail digests just to find the events on campus you'd actually enjoy? You know, the consistently FUN events that are planned with all of campus in mind? Well the times of missing out on great events simply because of the unbearable amount of marketing "noise" out there is over!

Hear about SCPC's concerts, comedians, speakers, campus traditions, and more just by becoming a member of the Insiders Club, your campus event connection. While we won't ever tell you about a tutorial on AutoCad in the library, construction update, or what a recent Tech grad did in Antarctica, you can be sure you'll know who the Homecoming Concert artist is before all of your friends and where to buy limited secret pre-sale tickets to events like Georgia Tech Night at Six Flags!

So let's address that big elephant on the page: Will you spam me?

NO. SCPC Insiders will receive one email per week or less.


Not only will Insiders benefit from inside event information, but they'll benefit from some pretty fantastic perks! Each e-mail may include perks like those below:                                    

  • Secret Pre-Sales: A limited number of half-price, or sometimes free, event tickets will be released to Insiders days before tickets actually go on sale!

  • Backstage Pass: Wouldn't you have liked to meet Bill Nye? Or Ludacris? Just answer a trivia question or simply respond to an e-mail first to get your backstage pass.

  • Insiders Club Seating: Advanced admission to our events and limited front row club seating at events such as comedy shows and speaker events. If an event has Insiders Club seating available listed next to it, you better jump on it and reserve a couple spots!

  • And many more: Have a good perk idea? Make a suggestion on our homepage!

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