Under the Couch

Under the Couch stage

Under the Couch provides a relaxing space where you can recharge, refocus, and dig in to the performance arts. This cozy lounge is a place to study and connect with friends, as well an event space that celebrates the arts at Tech.

Closed Permanently in this Location

Due to the change in campus operations, Under the Couch will not reopen this semester. Because this space was slated to close when the Student Center shuts down for renovation this summer, this means Under the Couch is closed for good in this location.  
For details on future Musician's Network happenings, visit their website.
For questions regarding the renovations, visit the Campus Center project page or email lindsay.bryant@stucen.gatech.edu.

Under the Couch also houses many events put on by the Georgia Tech Musician's Network, a coalition of student musicians working to highlight musical talent on campus. For more information on Musicians Network, visit their website.