Under the Couch

Under the Couch stage

In Under the Couch, we provide a relaxing space where you can recharge, refocus, and dig in to the performance arts. This cozy lounge is a place to study and connect with friends, as well an event space that celebrates what the arts have to offer at Tech!


Under the Couch will serve as the lounge for the Create-X Program throughout the summer, and will not be available for regular daytime use. Evening & weekend programs will continue as normal. We will reopen with our standard services and operating hours for the Fall of 2018 on August 20th. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Reserving the Couch

Under the Couch is a great space for many arts events ranging from comedy shows to big band performance, as well as departmental gatherings, presentations, and celebrations. For more information on reserving the space and its available resources, please contact Ben Williams at benjamin.williams@stucen.gatech.edu.

Happening @ the Couch

Do you like music? Improv Comedy? Dance? Well make sure to check out the events happening in Under the Couch and celebrate what the arts have to offer at Tech.

Recurring Events |

Coloring @ the Couch: we maintain a collection of coloring sheets for you to enjoy. Ask at the desk!

Open Mic Night: every Thursday at 8pm (presented by Georgia Tech Musician's Network)

Artist Storage Lockers

Attention artists: Under the Couch now has storage lockers available to rent. These large lockers are ideal for storing instruments, props, art materials, and more. For more information or to reserve a locker, contact Ben Williams at benjamin.williams@stucen.gatech.edu.

Under the Couch also houses many events put on by the Georgia Tech Musician's Network, a coalition of student musicians working to highlight musical talent on campus. For more information on Musicians Network, visit their website.