The Wrecking Ball

Thank you for joining us to say farewell to a building that has brought campus to life for the past 50 years. Although we cannot be together in person, we are glad to have the community gather virtually to mark this occasion. Find recordings of live events below along with connections to our interactive historical map, our campanile photo kit, information about the Campus Center project and more. 

The Last Walk Through

On Monday, April 27th, we took you on one last tour of the Student Center. Watch the final tour of the building, when we shared memories and honored the Student Center's first 50 years of bringing campus to life!

Our First 50 Years

See how we've brought campus to life in our first 50 years as part of the Georgia Tech community.

An Inside Look Inside the New Buildings

Although you can't visit the new buildings at this time, you can get a sneak peek inside before these become our home in the fall.


Midnight Breakfast

One of our longest Student Center traditions went virtual this year. This is a unqiue Midnight Breakfast like we've never seen before!


Campus Center Project Update

Learn more about the Campus Center project, with updates on our new buildings and details about our move out of the Student Center.

Meet the New SCEC Chair

Hear from the newest chair of the Student Center Expansion Committee, Kristian Lockyear! If you have questions or concerns about the project, reach out to Kristian at

Domino Demolition

A short ceremonial demolition brought to you by our students.

More About Our History, Impact, and Future:

Find the building blocks for the Campanile and other traditional graduation photos.


The Student Center's farewell is just one part of the Campus Center project. Learn more about this multi-year effort to expand and improve our facilities. 

Take a look at the many faces of the Student Center over the years.  
Take a look at the many faces of the Student Center over the years. 


The important questions about life in the Student Center as posed by SCPC.

When you bring campus to life like we do, things can get lively. Check out 50 stories from our first 50 years that illustrate our impact. 

Join SCPC to create a virtual mural in honor of your favorite memories from the Student Center.