Campus Jobs

We know working for the Student Center isn't for everyone, but there are still many excellent opportunities to work across campus.The positions listed below are submitted to the Student Center Information Desk for posting by various hiring departments around campus. Contact information for each position can be found in the descriptions. Please note that they are NOT Student Center positions.

Job Postings

Student Graphic Designer
October 11, 2017
December 1, 2018
Trisha Smith
The CREATE-X initiative at Georgia Tech is seeking a current student to join our administrative and marketing staff in a graphic designer role. The student will develop new advertisement visuals and marketing content for use in online communications and print materials.

The ideal candidate will have strong creative skills and will be a self-starter who is motivate to develop exciting promotional materials.

Required Qualifications:
-Intermediate skills in Adobe Creative Suite (eg Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator)
-Demonstrable graphic design skills with a design/art portfolio

Preferred Qualifications:
-Possession of creative flair, versatility and conceptual/visual ability
-Familiarity with HTML5/CSS
-Receptive to critical feedback from clients
10-15 hrs / week
Centergy Building
Student Assistant
October 23, 2017
December 2, 2017
Terri Bonoff
Provide professional level support to CEISMC’s Education & Workforce Program Director. Includes independent research to identify potential industry partners, collection and organization of data, project mapping, and as a team member, accountability for project outcomes.

Duties may include but are not limited to:
• Assisting with collecting research data
• Compiling, organizing, and inputting research data in actionable project mapping formats
• Participating in preparation of final reports and presentations
• Assisting when needed with coordination and implementation of evaluation/data collection plans
• Ongoing correspondence with key stakeholders
• Scheduling

Specialized skills required for this job:
• Highly organized with close attention to detail
• Strong verbal and written communications skills
• Experience with qualitative data collection
• Skill in data organization and management
• Competence with Microsoft Excel and Google Docs
• Entrepreneurial ability
Mainly Tuesdays and Thursdays & some other days, 20 hours weekly
CEISMC Dept. at The Biltmore at 817 W. Peachtree St.
$16.00 hourly
Student Web Developer
October 10, 2017
May 1, 2018
David Lacy
Job Description
The Campus Services-Information Technology Group at Georgia Tech is seeking a current student to join our Application Services team in a web developer role. The student will develop new websites using Content Management Systems (e.g. Drupal) using the official Georgia Tech theme/styling, as well as other purchased themes, for the various Campus Services business units.

The ideal candidate will have strong fundamental skills and be a self-starter who is motivated to develop creative websites.

Required Qualifications:
Intermediate skills in HTML5 / CSS3
Basic knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite (e.g. Photoshop, Illustrator)
Strong analytical, organizational and creative skills (eye for visual design is a plus)

Preferred Qualifications:
Experience building websites in Drupal or other CMS
Familiarity with Google Analytics
Eagerness to work directly with clients, not limited to presentation of findings and your recommendations
Receptive to critical feedback from clients
up to 20 per week
West Campus
$18 - $25 per hour based on experience
Classroom User Assistant II (OIT - AV Services)
September 23, 2017
October 30, 2017
Christian Birk
A User Assistant (AV) working for the Office of Information Technology (OIT) will be expected to provide customer service, training, and repair as well as maintain campus classrooms under the supervision of full time employees (FTE). User Assistants must be currently enrolled in classes to be eligible for employment. User Assistants are required to work 10-20 hours per week with allowances made for course schedule and work load. A UA II's responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following skills and tasks:

- Support our customer service effort by demonstrating room technology, answering basic questions, and solving common user error problems.
- Perform periodic room checks including, testing of audio/visual components of the room and basic functionality of the computer.
- Be able to assist in medium level problem solving including but not limited to:
- Disconnect or unplug components
- Basic control issues such as synchronization of component issues.
- Check signal pathways for breakages.
- Replace standard room components. (Speakers, Amps, Computer)
- Be able to work with FTE and other students in solving problems.
- Participate in maintenance scheduled during the semester breaks.
- Escalate any hardware or usage errors to a supervisor.

Prospective applicants should have a firm grasp of basic computer skills. Applicants should have a good understanding of A/V technology and have a good problem solving back ground. Customer service is a necessary and important part of this job, and the ability to assist in this is vital to the job.
M-F 0700-2100
OIT Rich
$11.00 / hour
TV Operations Assistant
September 18, 2017
October 16, 2017
Yelena Rivera-Vale
We're looking for someone that can help us schedule the shows that play on our in-house channels 2.2 and 2.3. The ideal candidate is organized, detailed oriented, and follows instructions to T. He/she will be expected to maintain thoroughness in effectively accomplishing thee assigned duties and responsibilities. The position requires at least a 12 hr a week commitment.

To be considered for the position please email your resume to Ms. Yelena Rivera-Vale
12 hrs minimun
Georgia Tech Cable Network (GTCN)
$10 p/h
Student Assistant (QCF Program)
October 1, 2017
October 6, 2017
Laura Czyzewski
The MS in Quantitative and Computational Finance Program is seeking a reliable and creative student assistant to help with various program-related tasks related to database management, prospective student recruitment, and increasing the program's visibility at Georgia Tech and other institutions in the southeast.

If interested, please send an email along with a resume to

10 hours/week
Scheller College of Business
Career FAIR Customer Service Representatives
September 6, 2017
September 12, 2017
Richard South
2017 All Majors Career Fair - Student Check-in, and Employer Relations
Career Center/CRC