Campus Jobs

We know working for the Student Center isn't for everyone, but there are still many excellent opportunities to work across campus.The positions listed below are submitted to the Student Center Information Desk for posting by various hiring departments around campus. Contact information for each position can be found in the descriptions. Please note that they are NOT Student Center positions.

Job Postings

OIT Operations Student Assistant
February 4, 2019
December 20, 2019
David Williams
This position will be responsible for assisting full time staff in the support of the OIT Network Operations center. You will be work under the direct guidance of a supervisor or manager.

Knowledge of computer networks and IPV4 network addressing
Experience with at least one programming language
Help desk or equivalent experience ( phone etiquette and incident creation skills )
Proficient in Excel ( creating reports, formulas, etc. )
Familiar with a Unix based operating system as an end user
Excellent analytical and math skills
Ability to communicate in a team based environment

Demonstrated knowledge of Linux and or Windows system administration
Experience working in a datacenter and or IT services environment
Majoring in a computer related field such as computer engineering, computer science, or electrical engineering
Experience in application monitoring software such as SolarWinds, Nagios, or a related application
Excellent technical documentation skills
Sharepoint or similar collaboration based application
Experience using and or administering virtual machines
Experience in web design ( CSS, HTML5, UI, UX )

Monitor the campus network using departmental software and alert admins to any issues
Perform basic troubleshooting of Windows and Unix based systems
Answer customer phone calls and create service requests or tickets accordingly
Assist in the provisioning of physical servers as well as virtual machines
Respond to customer inquiries involving IT services such as Office365, network problems, and user account issues
Document OIT related procedures as well as draw technical diagrams using software such as Visio
Design webforms that allow for customer self service and or customer requests to be made to Operations
Other duties as assigned

• 15 minute phone interview will be conducted to assess skills
• Job can extend into 2020 if agreed upon

ABOUT OIT Operations

OIT Operations is a 24x7 work group that supports campus IT services via monitoring, troubleshooting, provisioning, design, and planning.
Rich Building Room 133/258 4th St NW Atlanta, GA 30332
Office Assistant
January 16, 2019
June 1, 2019
Ms. Joy Bryant
 Customer Service (verbal communication)
 Answering Telephone
 Typing/Filing/Paperwork
 Key inventory (audits)
 Opening/Closing the office
 Assisting Residents & Visitors
 Working with other housing staff members
Monday’s: 2-4 Tuesday’s: 1-4, 2:30-4, 4-8 Wednesday's: 4-8 Thursday’s: 1-4 Friday’s: 7:50am-12; 12-2:30
West Community Housing Office-871 McMillan Street (Wst Campus-WCHO)
Office Assistant
January 15, 2019
June 1, 2019
Ms. Joy Bryant
 Customer Service (verbal communication)
 Answering Telephone
 Typing/Filing/Paperwork
 Key inventory (audits)
 Opening/Closing the office
 Assisting Residents & Visitors
 Working with other housing staff members
Available Hours: Tuesday’s: 1-4, 2:30-4, 4-8 Wednesday's: 4-8 Thursday’s: 1-4 Friday’s: 7:50am-12; 12-2:30
West Community Housing Office-871 McMillan Street (Wst Campus-WCHO)
GTA Position - Doctoral Microeconomics
January 11, 2019
May 15, 2019
Jade Charnigo
The School of Public Policy is seeking a GTA for Doctoral Microeconomics. This position will require the applicant to hold office hours, grade and hold recitation sessions. The position is potentially available as a GA (hourly) position as well for students that are already employed for less than 20 hours on campus.

Applicant must be a current doctoral student at Georgia Tech and eligible to work on campus.

Please send resume to
20 hours/week; MW 9:30- 10:45 am
Phonathon Caller
January 8, 2019
April 25, 2019
Kelly Sain
The Annual Roll Call Phonathon program is seeking to hire a group of responsible, enthusiastic students to serve as Student Callers for the 2019 Spring Session. Each year our objective is to build and strengthen the relationship between the institution and the multitude of alumni, parents, and donors that we contact. Our callers request donations from GT alumni to support student programs.

This position requires excellent communication skills, a strong speaking voice, the ability to think on your feet, and a genuine affinity for GA Tech. Working on the Phonathon team is a great opportunity to improve your communication, fundraising, and public relations skills for life after Tech.

• Make a clear, strong case for financial support (with provided script) during every call in an effort to increase both donor giving and participation. Be pleasant yet persistent in securing pledges and negotiating gift amounts.
• Establish an open and engaging line of communication creating a positive impression of GA Tech.
• Uphold Phonathon employment and confidentiality agreements.
• Arrive to work on time and with a positive attitude.
• Always remain positive and professional. Handle objections and difficult conversations tactfully with courtesy and sensitivity.
• Commit to a minimum of 6 hours (2 shifts) per week.
• Think quickly in responding to any questions and/or concerns our alumni and donors may have.
• Speak clear and fluent English.
• Have a good time!

To Apply:
Email your resume to along with two dates you are available for a brief phone interview and the days you will be available to work this fall.

Please be in a quiet space with good cell phone reception during the phone interview.
Monday -Thursday 5:50p - 9p; Closed on Friday and Saturday
Georgia Tech Alumni House
8 -10 positions available
January 15, 2019
July 31, 2019
Tahlia Pate
Lifeguard at the World Class Aquatic Facilities in the CRC.
You must complete a certification course before being hired.

Email Tahlia Pate to begin the process.
E-Text Student Worker
December 18, 2018
February 8, 2019
Michelle Breaud
This position will be responsible for creating accessible text files for students with print-related disabilities. Student workers will need to have practical computer skills and will learn advanced production techniques to create accessible e-text for a statewide production unit under AMAC Accessibility Solutions which is a USG/BOR statewide disability service and research project at Georgia Tech. The work will vary according to the nature of the project currently assigned by the Unit Manager. Find out more about AMAC at

• Anticipated graduation date is at least one year later than current date
• Advanced computer skills
• Must be detail oriented and highly organized
• Be able to work efficiently and accurately
• Typing speed of 45 wpm or higher
• Excellent reading comprehension, spelling, and grammar skills
• Knowledge of digital file formats such as PDF and MS Word Doc
• Reliable and dependable

• Knowledge of XHTML, XML (Additional knowledge of CSS, XSLT preferred)
• Ability to use a database entry/tracking system
• Ability to effectively troubleshoot technical/software-related issues
• Two to three years of experience with applications such as Acrobat Professional, MS Office, ABBYY FineReader, or various Assistive Technology Software
• Knowledge of relevant accessibility standards

• 15-30 minute Skills Test to be administered immediately after the interview to assess basic computer and writing skills.

AMAC Accessibility was incubated out of the University System of Georgia in 2005 to help post-secondary disability services offices provide complete, timely, efficient accommodations to print-disabled students so they can be more independent and productive in their academic environments. Today, as a research and service center of the Georgia Tech College of Design, AMAC's expertise, tools and technology empower not only college disability service providers, but also K-12 educators, corporations, non-profits, and government institutions throughout the United States, to provide equal access to education, work and life for individuals with disabilities of all kinds.
Maximum of 20 hours per week
AMAC Accessibility, 512 Means St., Suite 250, Atlanta, GA 30318
$12.00 per hour